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1 Bulletin of Materials Science English Bimonthly Online+Hardcopy
2 Current Science English Forthnightly Online+Hardcopy
3 Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy English Quarterly Online+Hardcopy
4 Journal of Bio Science English Bimonthly Online+Hardcopy
5 Journal of Chemical Science English Bimonthly Online+Hardcopy
6 Journal of Earth System and Science English Quarterly Online+Hardcopy
7 Journal of Genetics English Quarterly Online+Hardcopy
8 Pearl English Bimonthly Online+Hardcopy
9 Pramana : Journal of Physics English Quarterly Online+Hardcopy
10 Proceedings : Mathematical Science English Quarterly Online+Hardcopy
11 Reserch Journal of Chemistry and Enviornment English Quarterly Online+Hardcopy
12 Resonance: Journal of Science Education English Monthly Online+Hardcopy
13 Sadhana English Bimonthly Online+Hardcopy

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Full Text E-Resources

Name of the E-Resources TITLES
American Institute of Physics 18
Annual Reviews 33
Cambridge Core 224
Institute of Physics 46
Oxford University Press 206
Royal Society of Chemistry 29
Economic and Political Weekly 1
Indian Journals 250+
JSTOR 2500+

Name of the E-Book TITLES
Ebook Central SSO -
Cambridge Books Online 1800
Oxford Scholarship e-books 1400+
MyiLibrary-McGraw Hill-ebooks 1124
Institute for Studies in Industrial Development(ISID) -
Hindustan Books Agency e-books 65
Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS) books 382+
Springer 2300
Sage Knowledge 1000
Taylor Francis 1800
World ebooks Library 33 lacs
South Asia archive -
Ebrary 125000+
World ebooks Library 30000000+